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Hi there! I'm Elizabeth, the face behind Podcat Audio. In 2017, my roommate and I launched Your Fave Is Problematic out of our living room. The podcast has gone on to be featured in places like Lifehacker, Mashable, and WhoHaHa as well as hitting the Apple Podcast charts in several countries. I also spent ten years working in theatrical production, learning how to make art that would both engage and delight. Why does that matter? It means I know exactly what it's like to be making content on your own without the backing of a major studio, and it means I know how to make your podcast sound even better.

My goal as a creator and editor is to always let your own unique voice shine while polishing your content so audiences will find it engaging from start to finish. Services I provide include editing and mixing, coaching, new podcast start up consultation, and producing. I'm excited to work with you on your next project!

My Work

I've had the opportunity and privilege to work with a variety of clients on different projects. Below is a selection of places you can hear my work.

Mystery Shack Look Back: editing, mixing, foley work, and splicing in clips on select episodes. Start here.

REVcovery: editing, mixing, and coaching to improve audio quality. Start with this episode.

Go Home Bible, You're Drunk: editing, mixing from episode 32 onward. Check out this episode.

Your Fave Is Problematic: co-producer, co-host, editing and mixing. Here is one of my favorites to get you started.

Content editing for various projects with Apollo Post, including podcasts like After Dinner Mints and All The Hacks.


Got a project you need some help with? Podcat Audio is here to help! Fill out this form or send us an email and we'll be happy to chat!